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0242 519 0001



Hacet Mah. Canlılar Sok. 11 Başkan Apt. K:2 D:4 Alanya, Antalya
Avukat Aycan İşcan Demir Telefonu, Adres Alanya Antalya Avukatlar


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Hello Few years ago I have contacted you in Alanya regarding the eviction of Bahtiyr Bulut from an apartment, owned by me, in Alanya, (Giullerpinari No. 3/5, Alanya). You represented me on the basis of a Power of Attorney (Tamer Eksi). In these legal proceedings it was decided to recover a debt in my favour from Bahtiyr Bulut. Till today I did do not receive any information on the debt recovery, and Tamer Eksi does not respond to my contacts, I decided to contact you with a request. 1. Maybe you can find out what is the situation with the enforcement of a court decision? 2. Who enforces this judgement and what are contact details of a person implementing the court decision, where I could find out any information about the progress of the enforcement? Thank you very much in advance for your answer. JUDITA BAGDANAVIČIENĖ Lithuania Mob. +37068888615 [email protected]